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Stern drive vs v drive

Stern drive vs v drive

sternleg vs shaft drive. To discover exactly which parts you require use the on-line schematic exploded diagram - it will even give you some idea of where and how to fit those new parts. Mercury Outboard Propellers Adapters for ASD6 Drive Applications. i have a 76 omc stern drive 120 hp the forward coil went out so i foiund a nother outdrive and put it on everything fit perfectly it would do a top speed of 21 mph with old drive now it wont even regi … read more Sterndrive Motors. $21.

0l Mpi Ect Ngk V-power Spark Plugs Stern Drive 4 Cyl Gm Vs. Refer to the "V-Drive Installation" sketch above to determine the location of the parts listed below. They mounted the engine and sterndrive on the stringers of the boat; the drive was sealed to the transom with a large rubber diaphragm. Family owned and operated since 1954, Hoffmaster's Marina is located on the Occoquan River just off the Potomac River, south of Washington, D.

Remove Complex Drive Systems. Boats which use a sterndrive motor are steered by turning the outdrive, which eliminates the need for a rudder. mrclean Started May 5, 2013. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items.

Is it nearly as good as the Mercruiser? Also, how is the corrosion resistance of the OMC units Converting to stern drive is a major operation involving turning the engine 180 degrees, adapting the flywheel and -housing and cutting a large hole in the transom and reinforcing it so it can take the weight and thrust of the drive. bravo (gen. MAG MPI Horizon The engines for the stern drives are mounted up 2L, V-8 Engine, 380-430 HP . DRAWING #1.

Sterndrive engine compartments may be cramped; however components are neither as tightly engineered nor physically as compressed and densely packed as outboards, which all must fit under a streamlined integrated cover. Besides the stern-drive 342's ability to cut sharper, more responsive turns in open water (an anticipated development wholly attributable to the side-to-side articulation of her I/Os), I noted a bigger-than-expected plus: The stern drive evinced considerably less bow rise coming out of the hole, and it also manifested a much shallower, more FOR SALE Steel Propeller Business Held Ultimate World's Record for Speed for 30 Consecutive Years! All machinery and training provided by Harold Kindsvater. The Yamaha V6 4. The "stringer" mounting system allowed retro-fitting the new stern drive power systems into existing boats without the need for building up the transom to support the external stern drive assembly (as did competitor's installations).

3L V6 / Bayliner 215 Deckboat-gctid618559 stern drive can be trimmed as high as 1'6" and still keep going, while the V-drive’s depth is fixed. On a direct drive you have motor, transmission and then a shaft straight out the back. In total, the parts lists contain five hundred forty-seven parts. trying to say how easy it is to dock a stern drive.

It is true a stern is easier to maneuver in reverse but you figure out how to do it just fine in a V drive too, it just takes practice. the shafts and props cost more to fix then just a prop on an I/O. Propeller shaft or cardan shaft is the important part from cardan shaft parts that transmits power from the gearbox to the differential gear in a motor vehicle or from the engine to the propeller in a ship or aircraft. C.

I've had stern drive boats that were virtually unusable at slow displacement speeds, but were then as good as shaft drive once a rudder attachment was fitted. Although the sketch depicts a v-drive installation, a direct in-line drive would be similar from the v-drive aft. Sterndrive Engineering (SEI) is the largest supplier of aftermarket sterndrives and our own line of outboards in the world. How to video repair help for OMC sterndrives.

Everything is a Inboard/Outboard Drive System Servicing Lets start with Figure 3 that shows the location of oil drain and vent plugs, and also the nuts that are required to be taken off for removal of stern drive. New to the thought of a cruiser. V-Drive engines maintain the same location for both the prop and rudder, but the engine itself is under the transom seating. A v-drive can be fun and if you are careless thay can be dangrous and expencive.

That translates to best-in-class reliability, dependability, and long-lasting performance. in. The fellows at Lakecrest Marine used to tell me no one would steal it because it was too damn heavy to fool with! I know the V drive vs. Find Drive In Stock Now.

twin inboard >Date: 22 Aug 1995 20:21:28 GMT >my friend is looking at 28-30ft boats, and will probably >go with twin stern drive (i/o). v) gm 454 v-8 1992-1994 engine & stern drive by component and buy discount parts from our large online inventory. We are focused on providing quality parts, superior customer service, fast delivery and low prices. net has hundreds of 1995 MerCruiser sterndrive parts for your engine.

0-litre displacement giving quite a flat torque curve, this carburetted engine is a perfect combination for the SX single-propeller drive. Have fun as your eyes tear up at the blinding speeds. What is the advantage/benifit story Alpha 1 vs. The OMC manual provides maintenance information for 1986-1993 inboard engines.

Working together with the perfectly matched SX single‐prop drive, this package offers high acceleration power. these models are generally best for wakeboarding and other watersports where making big wake for the rider to What is the difference between stern drives and V- drives? Follow . 47:1 V-6 engines and older in-line 6 cyl engines use 1. 1’) for the IPS test.

I'm using a stern drive boat now (Volvo Penta), and as long as the maintenance is budgeted for, they are really much easier to control, forwards and backwards, and in shallow or deep water. 91) and bit bumpier (1’-2’ chop vs. com. 3.

When we went boat shopping the whole backing and docking thing was a deal-breaker, if I was ever going to get my wife to support this whole boating thing (She wants to be able to handle the boat if necessary). Also if work needed on stern drive they may need to take engine out of the boat which is additional cost, where as they can work on the outboard whilst it is on the boat. We are consistently faced with the questions of what the differences are between Sterndrives’s (also known as inboard outboard) versus a straight shaft inboard versus a V drive inboard. 3 is deadlong live the 4.

Stern drives are known also as inboard/outboards (I/Os) because they combine features found on both inboard and outboard engines. A stern drive loses about 13 percent of its power compared to 8 percent for the V-drive, according to Daniel Clarkston, director of product engineering at Mercury Marine's MerCruiser division. Connected to the rear of the engine is the transmission. Anyone who has owned a stern drive boat or two knows how troublesome and costly stern drives can be.

Stern drives can play here too! Forum Tools. 4pcs Mercruiser 3. Quite the project to convert a stern drive. Each drive is designed, built, and tested to deliver best-in-class reliability.

and also make storage space under the cabin. So if you find yourself with a choice between the two, try to spring for the Bravo One. It also takes up less space "in" the boat which allows for a larger cockpit/seating area typically. Width 29 in.

As with any boat, it helps to know what you’re going to do with it before shopping. 3L MPI V6 mercruiser, was a bit apprehensive at first and did some research and now I,ve got I love it good fuel economy, quite I insulated the engine box, Hot shower on board Mrs loves that. Home » Posts » Outboard vs Jet vs Shaft vs Sterndrive. easy to back up and turn.

Sterndrive Replacement is a company unlike any other in the sale of aftermarket MerCruiser's Sterndrive , Alpha One Generation 1, Alpha One Generation 2, Bravo 1, our stern drive designed to replace Mercury Marine's Mercruiser®, Alpha One®, R, MR, Gen 2 and Bravo One® stern drives. Before we look at each of these big players, let’s make sure everyone’s on the same page and understands First thing I noticed about those videos: They are made by V-Drive manufacturers, not exactly an unbiased opinion. *One year Warranty on the ASD6 Drive Unit, along with a One Year Warranty on the BAM Transmission when used in approve applications. I have an opportunity to buy a lightly used OMC Cobra with a 4.

- docking was a piece of cake with the easy access to the bow Stern To Stern: Mercruiser vs Mercruiser Wgt. With over 250 store locations, 100,000 products in stock, and knowledgeable Associates, trust West Marine for your boating, sailing, fishing, or paddling needs. Volvo Penta engines, outdrives, parts, propellers and other accessories. In most applications the RH (standard) drive is mounted on the starboard side.

vDrive replaces the mechanical drive system, simplifying your planter. Of course, I don’t mean to bag on the Alpha One with too heavy a hand. In pursuit of performance, I believe there is more to gain from set up, prop selection and drive height optimization than by tweaking or over-powering drives: From M8 to Bravo, drive parasitic loss ranges from only 1. shaft drives.

With both inboards and stern drives there is a fire and explosion hazard from gasoline fuel vapors within the engine compartment. Jet topic has been beat to death but I am curious as to a V drive vs a Stern Drive. With its 3. 40.

The Difference Between Sterndrive and Inboard For years there have been debates about whether sterndrives or inboards are better. The real draw back to the v-drive is water depth, as the drive shaft is fix'ed under the boat. Whatever your boating style. I think that is what I would do.

Inboard/Outboard Stern Drive by admin / Saturday, 21 March 2015 / Published in News Four-stroke outboard motors are becoming increasingly popular over inboard/outboard stern drive motors on pleasure and ski boats for a variety of reasons. Mr. Find out what service they really require and how much it’s going to cost. The advantages of a V-drive is that it places the engine aft in the boat (not quite as far as a stern drive, but close), which opens up cockpit space and eliminates the big box in the >Subject: twin stern drive vs.

Sometimes the only sure way to tell what ratio a drive is, is to access the upper gears and carefully count the teeth. After a LOT of research, I bought mine, and I couldn't be happier. The OMC stern drive manual by Clymer provides superior instructions for service and repair of your boat motor. Formula says that the IPS version is 1700 lbs.

Forward Drive provides boaters with new, unmatched levels of versatility, enhancing just about every use of the boat, from cruising, to performance, to all types of water sports. V-drives are better for wakeboarding because the weight of the engine and transmission is farther aft. This latest option will open the door to a widely made non-expensive propeller for the Arneson ASD6 Drives. an I/O engine.

I was surprised to read that, I thought that a stern drive would have the gearcase dragging in the water and be less efficient. Stern drives have quieter and more fuel-efficient engines. 1) – Engine coupled to the transmission towards bow of boat – closed coupled in-line drive, down angle, drop parallel, or co-axial. direct drive.

The OMC stern drive was then referred to as the stringer mount drive or “stringer”. easy to trip the prop totally up out of the water for shallow areas. Thru-hub boat props consist of a round barrel (the hub) to which the blades are attached. Discussion in ' that the transom cut out is a great big hole that will have to be well patched and strengthened in order for any other drive Mercruiser Aftermarket replacement Sterndrive Units upper lower drive units, seals, tilt, trim.

Maybe you should just get a single stern drive and with the money you save get a boat tow service. PODS are similar too "Legs" on a Stern Drive except they come right through the bottom of the hull. This makes the engine easier to replace, remove, or upgrade, and is less expensive to do so vs. Why Buy a Four-Stroke Outboard vs.

Traditional V w Stern Drive Center Console vs. Because of several factors an inboard boat will hold a speed more easily than a sterndrive. V-Drive motors are stowed under the transom seating, with a Prop and Rudder built into the hull (underneath the boat). Many consumers think an inboard is a sterndrive simply because it is NOT an outboard.

0 to 4. But V-drives aren’t just for tow boats. The entire engine, prop, and drive can be lifted entirely out of the water. In addition, our tests showed that, on T Sea Ray 310 Sundancer/V-Drive Sea Ray 310 Sundancer/Stern Drive Drawbacks of a V-Drive Inboard: More weight in the back of the yacht with further back engine placement, which may mean more bow rise on plane; Some of the efficiency is lost from the motor to the prop with the direction change of the V-drive; 3.

In a "V-drive" boat, the engine is mounted in the rear of the boat and the front of the engine faces aft. You must understand the principles of driving a shaft, before operating as there usually isn’t a joystick (although manufacturers are starting to combine bow & stern thrusters with a joystick set-up). Often the choice of D-Drive versus V-Drive comes down to the use of the boat. Find your z-drive thruster easily amongst the 28 products from the leading brands (VETH PROPULSION, ZF Marine, ) on NauticExpo, the boating and maritime industry specialist for your professional purchases.

I think V-drives and stern drives give a more space efficient boat because the motors are in the back direct drive boats are mid engine and take up space usually where you wish they didn't but i'll say this after spending alot of time off the Washington coast in both a direct drive boat and a v-drive boat, in rough or open water i'll take a A marine V-drive engine is a modified conventional inboard drive that is located closer to the stern of the boat than a conventional inboard drive. Plus of course the cost of a large drive that can handle the Old's torque. We’ve included some brief information about each of them below. A typical drive replacement runs $2,500 or more, and with a twin engine boat you've got more than $5,000 worth of machinery hanging off the back of the boat.

If OB boats are more often the target of thieves, what would you speculate the theft ratio to be? Or what would you think the value ratio of OB theft to stern drive theft? Do insurance companies charge different rates for stern drive v. Evinrude/Johnson outboard lower units. Smaller shaft drive boats can be noisier because the engine is below the cabin more forward in the boat. Traditional V w Stern Drive.

We have the best prices and availability anywhere! The M8 sterndrive combines the best features of the NXT6, but with even more robust internal drive components and an all-new lower gearcase. Jets Vs. With the Forward Drive you experience less noise and exhaust smells, since the exhaust fumes are emitted under the water, which translates into more onboard comfort. Thru-hub exhaust propellers are used on most outboard & stern drive engines.

Stern-drive engines are four-stroke automotive engines adapted for marine use and are mounted inside the boat. With current V-drives, the transmission bolts directly to the front (which is really the rear) of the motor and the shaft angles down and aft, creating a V-shape. 400/800/Stringer and Cobra exploded view drawings. What is a Sterndrive? A sterndrive, or stern drive, is a form of boat propulsion also known as inboard/outboard or I/O.

Targeting towed sports, especially wake boarding and wake surfing, the drive features a wide range of trim that allows it to change the wake by changing the attitude of the boat. V-drive is a propulsion system for boats that consists of two drive shafts, a gearbox, and a propeller. Re: stern drive vs vee drive vs straight inboard First, and most importantly, congratulations on the permission! Single screw? Simplest is the straight inboard so maintenance costs should be the lowest and reliability the best, but the vee-drive will be close. Stern drives Stern drives are known for having maintenance issues.

Bravo 1 outdrive? Alpha drive with the big blocks 5. 50:1 and 1. Sounds like you will have a blast either way you go. For example, Volvo Penta uses one in their SX, DP-s and OSi drives.

Is the V-Drive or stern drive a better option in the 320 for mostly day trips and occasional overnights on river? We are taking a 320 V-Drive for a test ride tomorrow night. I am looking for the next boat and considering the 1994-1997 Sea Ray 300 Sundancer. The inboard is not good here for draft reasons I And this is where outboards have a clear advantage over stern drives. We ended up finding a V-drive version that was priced right and fulfilled our needs.

I would expect the vee-drive and the inboard to have similar docking performance. They do need anodes fitted yearly, but so does a stern drive. Looking at purchasing a cruiser with bottom paint and keeping in the water, no lift. Ah, that sounds right - I know I had a huge one and I didn't think the newer boats had that same drive, so since most folks talk about Bravos I thought maybe mine was the alpha.

When I saw Yammie's swim platform, I was intrigued. Apr 18, 2006 We think the Sea-Doo Challenger is smoother, easier to drive and more comfortable than the Yamaha, but in 05/06 I was "upgrading" from a stern drive, fully expecting to buy a Vee or another stern drive. For an almost 40 years old boat? Well you are definitely on the high horsepower side of things. Now for my favorite.

They come in both a stern drive and a v-drive version. PRO - easy to maneuver. Gotta be a few hundred decent jet boats for sale in TX right now. The Verados appear to be great We have the following component(s) for the Mercruiser,Stern Drive Complete Drive Assembly you requested! For more information on the product and vendor's policies, please click on the 'View' link next to any product.

At the end of the day though, you & your family are going to have as much fun on a stern as you would a V drive & a good running $20k boat or a $100k boat. The main issues are weight and space the stern derive take up in your deck area. If you opt for a couple of diesel stern drives, pods or even a V-drive single diesel as your choice of The other caveat with pods is yacht weight. These engines are NOT twice the headache, they're 1/4 the headache.

As I understand it V drive boats are better for Wakeboarding as the engine is placed in the back creating a better wake without ballasting. V drive pros and cons. . Illustration of a Jet Drive Propulsion System Re: V-drive vs.

Saw this on You Tube. I do not want to hijack this thread into a stern drive Vs shaft discussion, just amazed that DPH drive durability/reliability crops up so frequently, I was quoted between 650 to 850 hours between failures by the guy who had pair of D6-310's, surely IPS must be far better than this? WALTER V-Drives . Walter V-Drives are precision gear drives which allow inboard engines to be placed in the stern (rear) of a boat. with a remote V drive you can stick the engine at the stern if you please.

The new FWD drive bolts to the transom like a stern drive, but has twin forward facing propellers. Omc Cobra - $46. Sierra Distributor Cap 18-5384 33708 Mercuriser Stern Drive Gm V8. The stern drive should kick up, which might reduce damage.

easy to trim the prop up or down to change the planing of the boat (tip up or tip down). Props Here's how to choose the right kind of package boat power. 0l efi gm 305 v-8 1999-2001 engine & stern drive by serial number range and buy discount parts from our large online inventory. 1:1 Height 22 in.

Also, in the mastercraft video they are comparing a ~$80,000 mastercraft vs what looks like a ~$30,000 stern drive, same thing in the Malibu video (though the sterndrive looks slightly nicer in the malibu vid). Get the best deal for Volvo Penta Complete Sterndrive Outdrives from the largest online selection at eBay. Strike an under-water object or go aground and the jet would fare best. V-drive inboard motors, evaluate the pros and cons for both performance and maintenance requirements.

I am in Lake Michigan so saltwater is not an issue. Widest array of sterndrive i o boat at unbelievable costs. What is the difference between V-Drive boats and I/O boats? Malibu Boats I-ride vs V-ride? Forum: Jet Boats, V-Drives and Stern Drives. Point: This stern drive boat offers a lot more room to work around the engines than its V-drive cousin.

Drive Bravo Two Length 37 in. Inboard motors can range from 1-cylinder to 12-cylinder models, but because many are derived from automobile engines, 4-cylinder or 6-cylinder engines are most common. Most express cruiser style power boats offer both sterndrive inboard outboard (IO) and inboard (direct drive or V-drive) engine propulsion system options. Locate sterndrive i o boat available to buy today online.

The drive can easily be adapted for right- (standard) or left-handed propellers. Michigan Motorz carries a complete line of ZF marine transmissions (formally known as "Hurth") and Velvet Drive transmissions (formally known as "Borg Warner"). Inboard-outboard definition, (of a motorboat) having an inboard engine connected to a maneuverable outboard drive-shaft unit. Our experience with boats until last year consisted of bow riders and fishing boats.

OMC parts & Mercruiser outdrive online catalogs. Lookup MerCruiser 454 mag. D-Drive’s location in the center of the boat results in a much smaller wake, making it ideal for ski boats. Started by jonathan , Nov 08 2017 You won’t find a boat part that will corrode away faster than a stern leg will if it’s unhappy with Mercury MerCruiser engines and drive systems are designed, tested, and built exclusively for the marine environment.

This SHOULD be done by a certified mechanic. SEI has been in the stern drive business since 2003. Mr clean's Fair Haven Report. Now on the other hand, shaft drive is traditionally a shaft with a propeller, and a rudder mounted behind for steering.

7L. V-DrIVe . Inboard V8 power - This is the place for jet boat and V-drive discussion. This is the other issue that flybridges have with pods over and above the docking problem.

Selecting a Drive Type for Boat Engine Propulsion. We have manifolds for mercruiser 4 Cyl 153 CI 181, mercruiser in-line 6, mercruiser V6 262 cu. I know that the Cobra is much better than the earlier OMC drives, but wonder how much better it is. Get free shipping on qualified orders! Center Console vs.

It's clear the market has moved to CC's over traditional V hulls with stern drives. Featuring drive in stock Sail Engine Part Motor Boat Engine Boat Deck Marines Hymn Lyrics Boat Parties In Chicago Il Nautical Bracelet Watch Garmin Boat Gps For Sale Cheap Boat Party Favors Boat Parts Albuquerque Nm Marine Stereo Bluetooth West Marine Ratchet Tie Down Value Pack Jon Boat Clamps Nautical Miles Abbreviation Mercury 800 970 Mako Dometic Cr Introducing the next generation of stern drive power. On a V drive there is a V drive unit at the back of the transmission which then connects to the shaft which then makes a V and heads towards the back. Otherwise, the V-drive is a more versatile boat.

v-drive vs stern drive Recent Topics. The company makes replacement sterndrives for MerCruiser's® Alpha One® and Gen II stern drives and replacement outboard lower units for Mercury®, Johnson/Evinrude® and Yamaha®. I know its probably been covered a billion times but im torn between 3 boats. A sterndrive motor offers the power of an inboard motor with the drive of an outboard.

Its current 200-horsepower stern drive is a cast iron 4. While Forward Drive is the latest and most innovative drive system Volvo Penta has introduced, there are three others to choose from once you’ve chosen your engine — the SX, DPS and OCEANX. The actual engine rests directly in front of the transom, and the drive unit is outside the hull. The first drive shaft connects the rear of the transmission to a gearbox V-drive will equal lower maintenance and lower initial costs.

Malibu Boats Luxury Sport-V vs Stern Drive. 00. (that's a lot of fuel) We looked at both the I/O and V-Drive versions of our boat and were impressed with the performance of both, but more so the I/O. Essentially, the terms direct-drive and V-drive refer to the path of the power.

advantages of a surface drive If you use a rudder with surface drive or even a conventional drive the rudder needs to be in dense water to give more positive stearing. For You Explore. All in all it was a $2000 job. net is the only place you need to look, because we have thousands of MerCruiser parts here at deep discounts up to 80 percent off retail, meaning you'll find great prices on all of the OEM MerCruiser engine parts you need to keep cruising along hour after hour.

Second the ambient weather and water conditions slightly favored the V-drive boat as it was a bit warmer (95 degrees vs. The stern of the boat rides lower in the water and throws a larger wake. Marine Parts Plus has been a supplier of marine parts and accessories since 2007. V drive lets the motor be mounted in the rear of the boat, after the tranny comes the V drive, which literally takes power in one side of the V and puts it out the other side.

About Sterndrive Replacement. A week before the press announcement, the name MerCruiser was selected for the stern drive. But the V-drive’s rudder, shaft, and prop would take a beat- Stern-drive definition, inboard-outboard(def 1). 65:1 ratios.

. OMC's V-4, two cycle 80 HP stern drive called the OMC-480 paled by the MerCruiser four cycle automotive engines with 125 to 200 HP. This drivetrain with everything there + and - people think inboards are easier to maintain, cuz basically a sterndrive is another engine requiring work too, but with inboards you got maint. (w/drive) 985 lbs.

About Us. See more. Working together to give you better performance. In this post, we’ll present the facts and let you decide on the rest.

So we wondered if the V-drives might do pretty well in terms of speed and fuel consumption. Get the best deal for Complete Sterndrive Outdrives from the largest online selection at eBay. Are you looking for MerCruiser parts? Boats. The other is STUFF, stuff that floats and stuff that almost floats.

I need to replace the stern drive parts for a Mercury 5. In looking at dozens of >makes only SeaRay offers a twin inboard ( v-drive actually) >option. You have a thru-hub exhaust if there are exhaust holes on the engine gearcase around the shaft. 3 engine.

Sierra Distributor . V-Drive Inboard engines are most commonly found on watersport boats making it easy to wakeboard, wakesurf, tube, kneeboard, and anything else you want to try behind the boat, including skiing. Feb 2, 2007 Although both boats hid twin 300-hp MerCruiser 350. Drive Time he stern drive boat was appreciably faster, both at top end and out of the hole, where it also showed less bow rise.

Omc Cobra Stern Drive Oem Upper Housing Seal Kit 987603 Gearcase New. 3‐liter, freshwater‐cooled, direct‐injected gasoline engine. RE: V-Drive vs. Volvo Penta Aquamatic Sterndrive V6‐200/SX is a totally integrated package, powered by the 6‐cylinder, 4.

Jet Drive. This is of interest to me because I have a 24 Campbell with an OD, but probably 95% of these hulls were built with V-drives. The Volvo Penta Aquamatic Sterndrive is a perfectly matched package – with every part engineered to function seamlessly and perfectly together. It has been around for decades and it gets the job done reliably, but the Bravo One is by every measure a better stern drive.

lighter than the V-drive model with the 575-hp diesels. 3 STERN DRIVE ENGINE 1990 has twenty-seven Other parts fiches. What are your thoughts on purchasing the V drive versus Stern Drive. Have a tritoon with outboard currently.

The following is a description of the various parts and their function in an inboard boat. For this reason, jet drive crafts will run in less than 6 inches of water. If you have twin engines, then shaft drives are an easier boat to Its breakerless ignition system and hydraulic valve lifters give excellent reliability and low maintenance. And losses go up exponentially, not linearly, with input speed.

Direct Drive There is only one reason for a DD: a good ski wake. The first drive shaft connects the rear of the transmission to a gearbox Converting to stern drive is a major operation involving turning the engine 180 degrees, adapting the flywheel and -housing and cutting a large hole in the transom and reinforcing it so it can take the weight and thrust of the drive. In the last few years Ron Huibers, president of Volvo Penta of the Americas, said the engine-maker is introducing three new Generation V General Motors sterndrive gas engines in 280-, 300- and 350-hp models. As for handling, a single engine shaft drive can be more difficult to steer compared to a single engine stern drive.

QUADRANT or CUSTOM TILLER. The company was founded by Greg Pickren. All in, IMO, stern drives are probably OK if they are maintained and serviced comprehensively and without cutting corners. 5L V6 vs 4.

Pulling copper . a jet drive uses an impeller that is encased in the drive unit that sucks water just below the rivers surface. A downfall of a shaft drive is that they draw more water, so you cannot enter shallow waterways. We specialize in Volvo Penta Volvo Penta engines, outdrives, propellers, and other accessories, but we also carry MerCruiser, PCM, Cummins, Perkins, etc.

The jet drive, dependable relyable and simple. Simple, easy to maintain yourself, and reliable. In the long run you’ll be glad you did. Matt ching Started Wednesday at 10:34 PM.

SX — This drive system is lightweight and designed for inboard, direct or V drive, tend to make the best ski boats. Mercury Marine manufactures both stern drives and outboards at its plant in Fond du Lac, Wis. Once you learn how to handle either set-up, the maneuverability will not be an issue, although the dynamics are different for both. All jets use secondary water friction.

Outdrives place the engine at the stern so creating space amidships and moving noise outside. Drive For Sale. The surface-piercing gearcase, inspired by the legendary dry-sump NXT6 drive, is two inches shorter to compliment the lower engine profile. The boot and outdrive systems, in particular, tend to require a lot more attention than simpler drive units.

Hoffmaster's Marina is proud to be a Top 100 Dealer for North America four years in a row as recognized by Boating Industry Magazine. 2) – Engine coupled to the tranny towards rear of boat (Closed Coupled V- Drive) – engine weight, not transmission weight, shifted aft approx 3-4 ft in smaller engine installs compared to the same boat with an in-line. I have done both. and I will take the Yamaha Jet anyday.

If you don't appreciate a non-existent ski wake, you will probably get tired of working around the engine and reduced use of the rear seat when the pole is being used. Advantages include: Greater safety (with propeller tucked under the boat, not under swim platform) Improved handling, reduced drag and bow rise; Shallower draft Re: Stern Drive vs Outboards I went from a di2stroke to a 4. Sam Electronics Ge 3065, Multipilot 1100 And Vs 3034 Beyond the Hype. Outdrives have a lot more parts than a v-drive unit, including hydraulics, etc.

If you setup say a 21RC with identical hp engines and set the drives up for top end how would they perform. 99. MERCURY PARTS CAN ONLY BE SOLD AND SHIPPED TO ADDRESSES WITHIN THE UNITED STATES. Due to the lesser low end torque of the smaller props, yachts that are heavier tend to suffer in performance with pods vs.

For every high-performing Mercury® MerCruiser® or Mercury Diesel engine, there's an equally high-performing drive. To further define the term jet drive, there are basically two types: an outboard jet drive and an inboard jet drive. Hallett vector stern drive or v drive, hallett 210 im pretty sure is only stern drive, and schiada 21 stern or V and im kinda confused on the differences on the RC and the RT of the schiada. , big block v8 stern-drive, v8 inboard, small block v8, 454 Magnum The drive must be specifically designed to be a counter rotation drive.

Center Console vs. saltwater) are two of the biggest determining factors when selecting drive type. Justin Webb is the General Manager of SEI and was previously employed by Konrad Marine Assuming you mean a "traditional" stern drive unit (I/O), there are some positives. There is a very good article on this topic in this months Go Boating magazine.

When comparing sterndrive IO motors vs. And in some cases a lack of maintenance (particularly with the boot) doesn’t cause a mere trifling breakdown — it can flood the boat. It took two guys to pull it each year, that I recall. The system is simpler if you strike a submerged object so it’s cheaper to fix than a sterndrive unless the drive manufacturer uses a drive saver coupler.

Do you Lookup MerCruiser 5. Did anyone read the V-drive tech column in this month Hot Boat? Jim Wilkes made the statement that a stern drive was more efficient than a V-drive. We are comparing Sterndrive 1/0 vs an inboard engine for Power Boats. Most stern drive engines found in today’s recreational power boats are either MerCruiser or Volvo Penta; here’s what you need to know about each brand, and stern drives in general.

I could NEVER turn a stern drive 180 degress within its own length. The upper unit engine is located inboard, just forward of the boat stern, producing power by way of a shaft that goes through the stern to the lower drive unit (also known as the outdrive) located outside the hull, which resembles the bottom half of an outboard. The stern drive oil should be checked about 3 times a season, and changed once every season. Review: Mercruiser 4.

OB? Hilinercc: posted 04-15-2013 12:56 PM ET (US) The new FWD drive bolts to the transom like a stern drive, but has twin forward facing propellers. The motor on a V drive faces the opposite direction. A vDrive motor mounts to each vSet meter and makes that row a single row planter, because that row is controlled individually. The 4.

Small block V-8's usually have ratios of 1. Marine Parts Express is the largest retailer of marine engine parts in North America. Z-Drive azimuthing thrusters provide maximum thrust in any direction, independent of vessel speed, offering superior pinpoint maneuverability under all conditions. Horsepower 250 Compression 9.

Pickren also is the owner and founder of the company Short Block Technologies (SBT) which is the largest supplier of Personal Water Craft engines in the world. Attempting to run a standard rotation drive in a counter rotation direction will positively destroy the drive in just a few minutes. 0 265hp Alpha One stern drive-no problems but want to get Hey fellas been on here for a while and I've tried searching for a topic like this on here but nothing came up so here it goes So far all I've owned was a jet boat but believe it or not I'm starting to sway towards a v drive more and more. A boat’s size and the type of water a boat will be used in (freshwater vs.

I was nervous as all hell docking it the first time and was very suprised. 811537 Mercury Mercruiser Gm V-8 Stern Drive Accelerator Pump Plunger. The LH (counter rotation) drive is mounted on the port side. Five years after their recreational debut, pod drives continue to appear as standard equipment on midsize motoryachts.

Dailymotion. on the V drive, stuffing boxes. Sam Electronics - $27,950. Boat=$?, Jet drive $1-2K, motor mounts $100-400, 50-100 hours in glass & gel work & re-rigging, 1000 hours on the phone & forums asking somebody how to correctly perform the conversion.

West Marine is committed to outfitting your life on the water. OMC vs Mercruiser . you can if you wish mount a rudder that slides up in it`s mounting when hitting the bottom. With the weight of the engine placed in the stern, but with the stable tracking of inboard running gear, a V-drive proves ideal for generating the big wakes, steep ramps, smooth faces and clean alleys that wakeboarders have a jones for.

recomendations of OMC Cobra vs Mercruiser. POD Drives are more efficient for a raft of reasons but require more maintenance than other forms of propulsion. 0 percent. STern DrIVe VS.

Have found even 2 stroke outborads to be better on fuel. Price $8000. usually some control even at idle due to thru-prop exhaust. Boats.

Choosing between these engine drives, should be given careful thought. V-DRIVE INBOARD. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? All recent searches will be deleted A Z-drive replaces the propeller, shaft, stern tube, marine gear, rudder and steering gear all with a single unit. 5L V6 model that weighs in at 761 pounds.

stern drive vs v drive

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